Smart Wiring

Smart wiring (also called structured cabling) expands on basic home TV, Data and telephone wiring to deliver a dynamic entertainment, network and communications system. It is the process of wiring your home so that you get maximum flexibility and control over your devices.

When to install smart wiring

Smart wiring is best installed at the time of construction or during the renovation of the existing house.

Future proofing

A smart wiring system is easy to use, convenient and provides a great level of future proofing as new devices can be added effortlessly.

Examples of Smart wiring

  • Distribute a DVR, pay TV, Satellite and CCTV cameras system service to every television in your premises. Viewable on unique TV channels. no need to buy additional set top boxes or additional components.
  • Distribute TV signals from the antenna to all TV’s around the house for free to air TV.
  • Intergrade CCTV cameras for your front door into the smart wiring system to allow viewing from all the TV or monitor in your premises.
  • Distribute a single telephone line to multiple point throughout your premises.
  • Include a data networking hub and create a full computer network to share your broadband connection and easily transfer files across the network.
  • Wall mounted “Hub” containing all cabling and active devices such as: Data, TV and telephone distribution equipment.